01 – About this series

Java versus Objective C

A few weeks ago i decided do write my first iPhone app. I thought it might be not so hard, since i am a really good java developer. But i was wrong. It is not easy to write your first iPhone app! To be able to write objective c apps, a java developer has to know a view things. If he is familar with them, he can work really well based on Objective-C. But without them, he will be disappointed quite fast.

So i decided to write this blog which should demo the problems i faced, and should help you to speed up the process of learning Objective-C based on java knowledge.

This blog-series is NOT a complete tutorial to learn Objective-C. (See developer.apple.com) Rather than it focuses an the difference between java and Objective-C and should help you to avoid getting into semantic traps.

The different issues of this blog are linked to the developer.apple.com website issues, which might give you a deeper understanding of the sections.

During the next weeks i am going to add more and more issues to this blog series.


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