redVoodo EOS – early results

I am very happy to present the early results of redVoodo EOS.

EOS is a independent part / component of redVoodo.

It will become a project which offers a lot of base functionality for web based business applications like ui layouting, selection support, business drag and drop, multi tab enablement and many more very useful features. It will be highly extendable by the use of OSGi services and can be customized to any requirements.

Today i finished some very important steps.

  • Selection support
  • Multi browser tab functionality
  • UI elements contribution services
  • Active part set management
  • ICEPush for many browser tabs

Right now some basic ui element prototypes like a framework switcher have been finished. It is provided by an OSGi service which can be stopped and started at runtime. Stopping a bundle means, that the ui element is removed from the available elements immediately. Starting the bundle provides the element to EOS again.

Additionally the state of the ui elements is completely decoupled from the ui and is stored in an EMF (Eclipse modeling framework) model. So the state can be restored every time an “ui element contribution OSGi service” like the “framework switcher” is started.

But you can store the state in your preferred way. EMF is only a default implementation –> redVoodos basic statement “convention over configuration”.


I hope you enjoy this movie which demonstrates the result of starting and stopping bundles and restoring ui states.
Direct link to the movie:

Additional information

If you are interested in redVoodo just follow our blogs and website.

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