Sharky – first flight

After weeks of hard work we had our first flight with sharky. Was really impressing how a little beagle bone black and arduino may controll a flying shark.

During the coming week we are wiring things together with the Virgo-ActiveMQ-MQTT-Server. Mihini running on BeagleBone black will implement a MQTT client and interpret the given commands by M2M-Server and pass them to arduino. And arduino will send RC commands to the shark.

A Vaadin-UI will be used to implement the controller dashboard UI. And the Vaadin UI will use eclipse-paho to send MQTT messages to the M2M Server.

On tuesday 24th Sept in the early morning we are going to darmstadt to hold a keynote on at the eclipse testing day (25th sept). I am so excited about that.

See flying sharks at:

Some impressions about the first flight

The team

Petra Bierleutgeb and Klemens Edler



Florian Pirchner and Klemens Edler

Sharky filled with helium


Some electronic parts


You can see the arduino board on the left, the beagle bone black right beside.

The upper board is the level shifter und the lower board is used for the RC-controller jail break.

Sharky flys


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