Sharky – at EclipseTestingDay

Today i arrived from eclipse testing day in darmstadt organized by bredex. As a conclusion i have to say, that the testing day is one of my favorite conferences. I enjoyed the day a lot.

The bredex team is very nice, the conference was organized properly and the speakers have been really experts in their area.

Before going to the testing day i did not have any idea about mobile testing since i am not involved with mobile development. I thought it might be very similar to the common test stuff. But there are so many aspects of testing mobiles. The talk about “energy testing” was really enlightening. Rating apps for their energy consumption. Also the insight to the mobile fragmentation, the caused problems and how to target mobile testing for various devices has been an information i will carefully remember for future projects.

Next year i am looking forward to go to the testing day again.

As i told in one of my last blog posts, we (sharky team) got the chance to keep a keynote at eclipse testing day. It was my first keynote and so i was really excited about that fact. And it was a lot of fun to demo sharky and to share the visions about M2M with other persons. The following image shows sharky flying during the keynote.


So if you are looking for a really informative and funny testing conference; visit the eclipse testing day!


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