Lunifera’s 2015 Xmas tree is online

Xmas time is here again … and we at Lunifera continue our tradition of decorating our office with a remote-controlled Xmas tree that serves as a prototype for the IoT-related functionality of OS.bee (Open Standards business engineering environment), a modern model-driven software factory for business applications that is about to launch (stay tuned!).

This year, we added another cool feature to our tree: snow!


This year’s tree has an amazing snow effect … and yes, some “flakes” end up on the floor.


The tree is equipped with an air blower that pushes tiny styrofoam balls up through the hollow trunk. At the top, the balls are pushed out sideways and snow back down for an extra winter effect.

As in the previous years, we use a Vaadin UI for the Xmas tree controller. Clicking buttons sends MQTT messages with the appropriate commands to the Raspberry Pi that performs them in the physical world.


Part of the circuitry we use to perform Xmas tree commands: A Raspberry Pi receives MQTT messages and controls an IR led for the lights, triggers a relay for the air blower, turns on the angel’s motor and makes an Arduino control the star.

For the video stream, we use another Raspberry Pi running the Motion webcam server. Let’s hope that our bandwidth can take it (and that the suspension of the angel does not jump from it’s guidance)!

Our tree can be found here — Feel free to toy around with it and spread the Xmas spirit 🙂


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