My name is Florian Pirchner and I am an independent software architect.

Before i became self employed i could collect a lot of experience in the area of erp software products. As a technical lead i have managed large software projects from different industrial sectors.

I one of the project leads of lunifera.org, have worked a lot with eclipse and eclipse based projects and i am highly interested in model driven software development, which can make creating software so much easier.

Additionally i am writing the open source product ECView which is part of the EMF Client Platform.

Please feel free to comment on the posts or contact me at florian.pirchner@gmail.com if you have any suggestions.

Best, Florian

Florian Pirchner
Fohlenweg 22
2301 Probstdorf
+43 650 7772338

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  1. Community Spotlight - May 2014 - Blog - vaadin.com Says:

    […] Oliver Damm from akquinet has written a yet another Vaadin CDI + MVP article last autumn. The article is in German, but the clean example project backing up the article is something you can go through without fluent German knowledge. In case you have those German skills, you might also be interested in an article related to “Internet of Things” aka MQTT and Vaadin by Florian Pirchner. […]

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