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Eclipse DemoCamp “Mars” Vienna

May 18, 2015

Lunifera GmbH and IoT-Vienna are organizing the Eclipse-DemoCampMars” on 19.6 2015.

With this event, we want to bring people and companies together to share their knowledge, experience with and about Eclipse. This meeting includes six Talks and a quick intro on the Eclipse Foundation’s role by Benjamin Cabé.


  • Tom Schindl: Something cool TBD
  • Werner Keil: Energie Sparen präzise Messwerte bei SmartHome und SmartGrid
  • Philip Langer: EMF Compare
  • Benjamin Cabé: IoT Talk
  • Florian Pirchner: OSGi-IoT-Vaadin

We also provide catering, drinks, beer and cakes as usual.

For details please visit

Hope to see you at the DemoCamp “Mars” Vienna…

the DemoCamp organizers


Last Sharky talk

September 1, 2014

We started with our first Sharky talk in Germany Darmstadt one year ago. Now after furthermore 9 talks we decided to stop the project. We showed our Sharky in many different cities like Darmstadt, Vienna, San Francisco, Ludwigsburg, Mainz, Zurich and Munich.

Now we are on the way to find new ideas for projects, hopefully as good as the sharky project was.


In this video you can see our last Sharky presentation at IoT-Meetup in Vienna. (the Video is in german)

See you soon,

Sharky team…

Eclipse Democamp Vienna Flyers Indigo 2011

May 20, 2011

Flyers democamp indigo 2011

To promote the eclipse democamp indigo in vienna, daria motamedi sponsored the design of flyers. Yesterday we could send them to the printing shop. In about 4 days they should be ready for shipment.

I think that they became really nice. Thanks a lot to daria.

and stickers

Of course we have stickers for all attendees too. We have printed 250 pieces. So i think we should have enough.

If you would like to attend, follow this link to the eclipse demo website.